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07600 Myrskylä

gsm +35850 3551979
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Pia Vuorinen, born 1972. Lives in Myrskylä, Finland.

" I make high temperature ceramic dishes from stoneware, that can be for special occasions or every day use. They are dishwasher, microwave and oven safe. Each peace of work is unique, because of the nerikomi technique that I use. The technique is an old Japanese way of creating patterns with coloured clay"

The idea behind nerikomi: A "sausage" length is made from different colour or coloured clays. Oxides and pigments can be used for colouring the clay. When the nerikomi has been made, a thin metal wire is used to cut slices and then flattened with a rolling pin to bind the nerikomi firmly. The nerikomi pattern can either go through the dish or be on the surface.

" I make my pots using the sheet technique, pressure molds, or plaster molds. I also use the potter’s wheel and attach the nerikomi pieces by hand to the dish."

Thoughts: I get my inspiration from everywhere: history, nature, people, animals, dreams, the smallest of things. I am creating new ideas all the time in my head and on paper. I want to learn new things and develop myself. I also like randomness, which is why nerikomi appeals to me; no two patterns are ever the same. As I am also an artist, nerikomi gives me a different way to create pictures and put them into ceramics.